Types of landing Gears used in a drone

Landing gear is a mini runway for the drones which ensures a safe landing for both the public and the gadget. This makes a landing gear a crucial component of any drone and its components and cargo in case of larger drones. Larger, professional-grade drones can use it as it can carry more weight. Due to the improved functionality, are often more expensive, making the landing gear’s reliability and durability a vital part of its operations. 
Choosing the right drone landing gear involves considering factors such as the weight of the drone, the type of terrain it will be landing on, and the level of shock absorption required. It’s not merely a set of legs; it’s a sophisticated system designed to safeguard the drone during the critical phases of takeoff and touchdown. Materials used in construction, such as carbon fiber or aluminum, are selected for their strength-to-weight ratios and impact resistance. Additionally, the design of the gear, including its retractability or the presence of dampening systems, can significantly influence a drone’s stability and the overall user experience. 
When examining landing gear options, it’s imperative to assess the load capacity and compatibility with the drone model. Landing gear that’s too weak can buckle or break, while gear that’s too heavy can impede the drone’s flight performance. It is also vital to consider how the landing gear affects the drone’s center of gravity. A lower center of gravity can improve stability, but it might also impact the clearance from the ground, which is crucial for protecting sensors or cameras mounted on the underside of the drone. 

Below I have described the types of landing gear: 
Fixed Landing Gear: They're usually found on small, simple drones that are light and can make do with basic landing set ups. They cannot retract. 
Retractable Landing Gear: It can efficiently retract or fold up after takeoff, making the drone landing more streamlined and reducing air resistance. 
Spring-loaded Landing Gear: These have springs built inside which reduce the crashing impact when the drone lands. The springs act like cushions and shock absorbers thereby preventing a crash landing.  
Articulated Landing Gear: This type of landing gear are made to adapt to different landing surfaces. It's handy for drones that need to land on uneven ground or slopes since it helps keep the drone stable. 
Ski Landing Gear: These landing gears have skis instead of wheels or legs. They're for drones that fly in snowy or icy places, allowing them to land and take off smoothly on snow or ice. 
Floats or Buoyant Landing Gear: These drones use the principle of buoyancy hence they are used on drones that operate around water, these landing gears keep the drone afloat if it lands on water. They're great for maritime missions or when drones need to survey areas with lots of water around.